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Miniature Donkey News

All the latest Miniature Donkey News from Wellground Miniature Donkeys in Wiltshire. A list of our most recent Facebook Posts.

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Just to confirm the theory that Donkeys are creatures of Stealth. Perhaps that’s where the name Donkey Jacket came from. Our mini’s are all wanting to have a go with the big noisy machine. ... See MoreSee Less

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Today we have some fencers on the farm, replacing a few rotten stakes in our fencing.

I am often asked are donkeys like horses and ponies, do they have the same reaction to things? Do they spook easily?

They are very different, a wise man (yes you Kelvin) once told me that a horse/pony is a creature of flight, in the face of fear.

The donkey however, does not flight, nor fight in the face of fear. The donkey is an animal of stealth. It will look at the problem and decide if it needs to take any action. If not, ignore the stupid humans with the noisy machine and keep grazing.

The pony’s meanwhile are screaming around aimlessly hollering “we’re all going to die”.

So now you know the difference between pony’s and donkeys 😂😂😂
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