Miniature Donkeys News

Miniature Donkey News

All the latest Miniature Donkey News from Wellground Miniature Donkeys in Wiltshire. A list of our most recent Facebook Posts.

LATEST NEWS from Wellground

Well, that’s an odd title for a post. But more changes on the farm bring us back to how we were. Please stick with it.

As many of you know we originally bred elite genetic Alpacas here. To see what the farm was like before miniature donkeys search YouTube for Video Diaries from Wellground Alpaca Stud, many video diaries remain on YouTube today. We have a big following in some of the diaries.

When we lost the majority of our alpacas due to Bovine TB. We sold the remaining few and decided to start a new life. We couldn’t face the Government vets killing more of our little babies.

So we started allowing people to keep their horses and ponies here on Livery. We became Wellground Equine Livery.

After about a year of this, we missed having our own animals. So we found Miniature Donkeys.

We kept the livery ongoing and finally alongside our donkeys we had just one livery, Mel and Andy Allen with their two Shetland ponies.

Last weekend, Mel and Andy took their two ponies to a school farm, where they will live with other horses and lots of children. We wish them well in their new home. That was the last of the liveries at Wellground.

We will miss them, however we are finally back where we were before Bovine TB, with the farm to ourselves. But instead of a farm with alpacas, we have a farm to ourselves with miniature donkeys.

So we have arrived Back to the Future. In a way. But Michael J. Fox was not involved in any way 😂
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Hi everyone, we are back from our weekend away on Exmoor. We just needed a relaxing time. Thanks to Mel and Andy for looking after the donkeys and Sue and Jim for moving into the farm whilst we had our break.

The donkeys go away at night now, so I decided to video them going in to their bed for the night. They love to go in the barn.

Soon it’s time to wean the foals, so we hope they make the most of being with their mothers. We will wait until we have a break in this constant wet (British) weather. More on that in a week or two.
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Enjoying a weekend away on Exmoor. The Exmoor pony’s look in great condition. The autumn (fall) colours are amazing on the moor. ... See MoreSee Less

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