Miniature Donkeys News

Miniature Donkey News

All the latest Miniature Donkey News from Wellground Miniature Donkeys in Wiltshire. A list of our most recent Facebook Posts.

LATEST NEWS from Wellground

Cheering, clapping and banging tins to show our support for all those NHS workers in our hospitals, saving lives. Supporting all those key workers, Paramedics, Police Officers, Carers, everyone who is helping us to rid ourselves of this evil virus.

The donkeys showed their support to by swishing their tales.
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Happy Easter to all our followers. Have a lovely Easter weekend.
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Evening Shenanigans at Wellground. They make me laugh as you will hear. Enjoy. ... See MoreSee Less

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Razzamatazz is a bit of an enigma this year. Is she, isn’t she, will she or won’t she. We will see.

What do you think?
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Staying safe in dangerous times.
Today we just had to get our Farrier in to trim the donkeys hooves. Their hooves were getting long and we felt we couldn’t wait until the end of this crisis to have them trimmed, on welfare grounds.

So, Les and I protected ourselves as much as we could and strictly observed the 2 metre social distancing advice. My safety glasses misted up, and could hardly see a thing, I was in a thick fog.

We were most proud of our two yearling donks, Miss Moneypenny and Tiny Tease. For the first time, like the older donkeys they were tied up to a tie ring to have their hooves trimmed (so that we could maintain a 2 metre distance from the Farrier) They were very good little girls.

All hooves are now trimmed and looking good.
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Boris Johnson has done so much for the people of our Country. The man has worked all hours to protect us from harm from Covid 19, only to get infected himself.

We are sending our very best thoughts and wishes to him in Intensive Care. We hope he makes a rapid recovery.
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Poo picking the donkeys in the early morning sun.

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Yesterday’s ‘Donkey Watchers’ have just come back for part 2 of their ‘invade private land and endanger people’ campaign.

I could not speak to them, it might have lead to my arrest as I was livid with rage.

So, I grabbed Les, who is my ‘social distancing hand grenade’.

I ‘pulled the pin’ and threw her in.


They will not be back LOL
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