Wellground Miniature Donkeys - Our Foals

Our Foals

Introducing our offspring, the Miniature Donkey foals, born from our breeding programme. These gorgeous Miniature Donkey foals represent the pinnacle of what Wellground are striving to achieve.

Miniature donkey foal, Wellground Rumour has it.

Wellground Rumour has it

Rumour is a filly foal, she was born at Wellground in 2017, she has elite American genetics.

Her sire is Kiterra's Outlaw.

Her dam is Wynnfield Anastasia.

Rumour is absolutely gorgeous and we love her to bits.


For more information about Rumour's genetics, CLICK HERE.

Wellground River Lea

Wellground River Lea

River is a little colt foal, he was born at Wellground in 2017, he has elite American genetics.

His sire is Kiterra's Outlaw.

His dam is Wynnfield Zara.

River is a stunning young male and has the most amazing markings.


For more information about Rivers's genetics, CLICK HERE.

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