Wellground Miniature Donkeys


Wellground Farm is owned by Rob and Les Rawlins and is the home of Wellground Dinki Donks. Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys in the UK.

The farm is located on the North West edge of Salisbury Plain in the South of England, nestled under the famous hillside monument of the Westbury White Horse.

Between 1999 and 2016, Rob and Les Rawlins bred elite alpacas at Wellground Farm. During that time they sourced some of the finest alpaca genetics from around the World; their breeding programme was known and admired throughout. Sadly this wonderful venture was brought to a dreadful conclusion when their alpaca herd contracted Bovine TB.


Having regained their desire for keeping and breeding animals, Rob and Les decided to begin with a breeding herd of high quality Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys. That was the beginning of Wellground Dinki-Donks. The story of Miniature Donkeys at Wellground Farm will commence from here and the story will unfold……….


From March 2017, Wellground Farm will become the home for a High Quality breeding herd of Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys. Follow our progress here, on our 'NEW' web site.