Wellground Miniature Donkeys

Miniature Donkeys in the UK from Wellground Farm in Wiltshire.


Wellground Miniature Donkeys

Miniature Donkeys in the UK

After many years breeding alpacas with elite genetics, Rob and Les Rawlins have lots of animal breeding experience and this has been adapted to breed some of the the finest Miniature Donkeys in the UK.

Wellground Farm is nestled under the famous Westbury White Horse monument and is situated in the village of Bratton which is on the edge of Salisbury Plain. They built the farm in 2003 importing a genuine Canadian Log Home as their new farmhouse. The farm was a new-build with modern facilities and as a result this is now a great place to breed Miniature Donkeys in the UK.

Finding our Destiny with Miniature Donkeys

Rob and Les Rawlins have found their destiny in breeding miniature donkeys. Having previously bred alpacas that have a step away reflex. Alpacas don't willingly indulge humans but the miniature donkey by contrast, is loving and inquisitive and they adore human interaction. These donkeys are not just physically beautiful, but because they have the most wonderful endearing characters, they are a joy to be with.

The key to the Wellground breeding programme is using the best possible genetics. Quality Miniature Donkey bloodlines, already imported into the UK from elite breeding programmes in the USA. Rob and Les now have their core breeding herd. Identifying specific traits including colour, conformation and most importantly temperament.

Miniature Donkey foal, Wellground Tiny Tease
Miniature Donkey Stallion Bling, from Wellground Miniature Donkeys

Our Miniature Donkey 'Herd Sire'


This is Half Ass Acres Black 'n' Bling. He is a solid black miniature donkey stallion. Bling was bred at the Half Ass Acres Miniature Donkey Ranch in Tennessee, USA.

HHAA Black 'n' Bling was imported into the United Kingdom from the USA when he was young. Having the World Famous HHAA Black 'n' Blue as his sire,  Black 'n' Bling is not only a stunning looking male and solid black in colour, but he has genetic excellence in his bloodline too.

We selected Black 'n' Bling as our Wellground stallion having assessed his offspring. Having appreciated his gentle and sociable manner, he started work at Wellground Farm in spring 2018.

In spring 2019 Bling produced his first two offspring both solid black colt foals. Stunning looking foals that will soon appear on our Foals page.  We are truly delighted with the quality of his progeny.

Miniature Donkeys in the UK for sale.

We will be offering for sale a limited number of foals. Very high quality miniature donkeys with attributes that their new owners will adore. More information about miniature donkeys for sale is available on our Donkeys for Sale page.


Miniature Donkey Fact File


Wellground Farm is not a Donkey Sanctuary and is not open to the public. The Donkey Sanctuary near Sidmouth in Devon is a great place to see donkeys and the entry is free. They are open 365 days of the year and they have wonderful facilities for families. Visit www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk

What is a Miniature Donkey? Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys are a separate breed of donkey and they originate from the islands of Sardinia and Sicily.
Which colours are common in miniature donkeys? Most common is grey dun with chocolate highlights  also other colours include brown, black, slate grey, sorrel, spotted, piebald, skewbald and cream
How small is a miniature Donkey? For a donkey to be registered as a Miniature Mediterranean Donkey, it must stand less than 36" tall at the withers and this is measured at maturity.
What care do they need? Regular visits from the farrier, worming, vaccinations and equine dentistry. They need the availability of a shelter and hard-standing so their hooves can dry out because they come from hot countries with sandy soils. They need about one acre or more of land each and grazing should be severely restricted in the spring because this will help prevent laminitis. Donkeys do not live alone and they need company of their own kind. They need the company of another donkey and not a horse or pony.
Temperament? Delightful: loving, inquisitive and trusting.

Our Commitment to our Customers and their Donkeys

Donkeys will be sold with the support and back-up that the new owner should expect to receive. Donkey welfare is paramount at Wellground Farm. Ongoing support and advice will always be available to support the new owner and the donkeys.

Donkeys sold will come with the following:

  • Mandatory Equine Passport which will be issued by the Donkey Breed Society.
  • Vaccinations will be up to date and the donkeys will be in a current worming programme for internal parasite control.
  • All donkeys for sale will be micro-chipped.
  • Donkeys will have a Pedigree Certificate issued by the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Association in the UK. This certificate will show at least 3 generations of their ancestors and will confirm their miniature status. The genetics of our donkeys are very important to us because their ancestors are all renowned for their quality. As a result the full pedigree history will offer the new owner reassurance that their new miniature donkey is bred from high quality breeding stock.
  • Our donkeys will come with computer printout from our herd software and this will include a full history of their vaccinations and any medications prescribed throughout their time at Wellground. This printout will include a record of their regular hoof trimming and it will also include a calendar reminder of any future vaccinations, worming and hoof trimming and the date those issues will need addressing.
Miniature Donkey
Miniature Donkey foal, Wellground Tiny Tease

Donkeys sold at Wellground will be genuine miniature Mediterranean donkeys, in compliance with the breed standard. Donkeys will be delivered to their new homes only after those facilities are vetted as being suitable.

For more information about our miniature donkey genetics CLICK HERE.



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