Wellground Miniature Donkeys

Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys in the UK from Wellground Farm in Wiltshire.


Wellground Miniature Donkeys

Breeding Miniature Donkeys in the UK

Miniature Donkeys at Wellground Farm in Wiltshire. After 17 years breeding elite genetics, Rob and Les Rawlins have all the experience that was needed to breed some of the finest Miniature Donkeys in the UK.

Wellground Farm is nestled under the famous Westbury White Horse monument, in the village of Bratton on the edge of Salisbury Plain. The farm was created in 2003 with a Canadian Log Home as the farmhouse and is situated in an idyllic location, a place of peace and tranquillity to enjoy these wonderful animals.

Rob and Les have found their destiny in breeding these beautiful miniature donkeys. Having previously bred alpacas with a 'step away reflex' that don't willingly indulge humans, by contrast the miniature donkey is so loving and inquisitive, they adore human interaction and they are so trusting. Miniature Donkeys give back the love that is poured over them. These donkeys are not just physically beautiful, they have the most wonderful endearing characters and they are a joy to be with.

The key to the Wellground breeding programme was sourcing the best possible genetics, elite bloodlines that had already been imported into the UK from elite breeding programmes in the USA. Rob and Les have sourced their core breeding herd, selecting the very finest female and stud genetics, identifying specific traits including colour, conformation and most importantly temperament.

Wellground Miniature Donkeys

Rob and Les will be offering for sale a limited number of their offspring, very high quality miniature donkeys with attributes that their new owners will adore. More information about miniature donkeys for sale is available on our Donkeys for Sale page.

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